Tom's Duct Tape Survival Cache

Introduction: Tom's Duct Tape Survival Cache

This is a simple and easy project that will allow you to put some unused space to use in your bug out bag. Duct tape has unlimited value in a survival scenario, but it could be even more useful if fitted with some type of storage compartment of its own. All you have to do is wedge two plastic mint containers into the hole of the roll of tape and you have instant storage. I keep a wire saw in one side and a sewing kit in the other. However you can put anything you want such as a survival kit on one side and a fire starting kit on the other. The lids of these containers open fairly wide so it is easy to get things in and out of the container. The top will also pry off if needed. The space between the containers could also be used to place something small, but would not be easily accessible as you would have to pry the container out of the roll of tape.

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Step 1: Items Needed

Roll of Duct Tape
2 Plastic Breath Mint Containers

Step 2:

Simply press a mint container firmly into each side of the roll of tape and you are done.

Step 3:

Something to keep in mind, these containers have a strong odor of the mints that were contained inside. So you might not want to keep things like snare wire or trapping equipment in them.

Also I was thinking that just the bottoms of the mint containers could be cut out, leaving the tops and sides intact. The mint containers could then be inserted into the tape roll like I explained above to make one big container inside the roll of duct tape. They could be glued in or just wedged into place and then removed and placed in a new roll of tape when the old one ran out.

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    4 Discussions


    8 years ago on Step 2

    this is actually really smart
    maybe instead of 2 small ones
    superglue the bottom of one all the way flush on one side and fit the lid on the opposite side so you have one big compartment
    then you can store paracord and a lighter and stuff in it too