Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons Makeup Tutorial



Introduction: Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons Makeup Tutorial

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This look is just so perfect for any special event or night time occasion. A smokey eye is just something so sexy and will go great with any outfit.

Step 1:

First you want to fill in your brows. For this look i went for a brow pomade. this makes your brows look more dramatic and bolder which is great for a night out as can stand out in pictures.

Step 2:

Then with a bright pink shade apply this to the inner corner so you can judge when you want the dark shades.

Step 3:

Then with these shades of brown or just 3 different gradual shades of brown you want to apply these to the crease of your eye. You need to start with the lightest and work your way to the darkest concentrating it nearer to the crease the darker you get. This is going to give you that transition and help the look stay very soft and smokey.

Step 4:

Then with a dark shade. This is a black blue green shade. So you need to first tap this onto the lid on your eye and then take a fluffy brush to blend this out into the crease. You want to stay as low as possible very lightly and slowly build up until you are happy.

Step 5:

Then going back in with the pink you want to go over the inner corner again to gain back any colour that may have been lost. then you want to apply this on the lower lash line and drag it up to the brow to give that wing effect.

Step 6:

Then with a very light shimmery pink apply this to the inner corner to make the eyes pop.

Step 7:

Then with some concealer apply this under the brows to tidy the brows or even the shadow that maybe has gone to far up into the brow.

Step 8:

Then apply your mascara and lashes to the look. I love adding lashes to dark eyes as this can help open up the eyes and looks more dramatic than just using mascara.

Step 9:

Then with some black gel liner apply this to the top and bottom water line to really darken up your eyes.

Step 10:

Finally pair this eye look with a nude lip so you can concentrate on the eyes.

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