Tool Caddy Planters

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In this instructable i take a look for my very simple tool caddies.

Wich can also be used as a flower planters, like i did. Decorate your garden or workshop with "maker" style. :)

Whole thing started from couple sheets of stainless steel, wich i found from a dumpster at my workplace.

Actually sheets we're 0.7mm thick "filler plates", little harder to bend than regular steel, but that didn't affect to the final result.

Video shows the process.


Sheet metal.

Wooden board

Wooden rod






Bending brake


Router (optional)

Sanding paper

Rotary tool, or carving tools. (optional)

Torch (optional)

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Step 1: Bending Sheets..

I used my diy bending brake for bending.

I used sheets in size 430 x 430 mm.

I made the first bend 10mm form the edge, (80 degrees), second one 20mm from the edge ( 80 degrees)

Then i made similar bends for the another side.

Because plate was somewhat thin, i did small, couple degree bends for the sides and to the bottom part, to make it stiffer. Then i flipped the sheet upside down, and made the side bends.

Bottom is 100m wide (50mm for both sides from the middle), and the lenght of the sides after bending 145mm

Measures can be seen from the drawing.

Step 2: Ends..

I made the first end drawing the measures to it, then i cut ti following the lines.

And copied the shape to the another boards.

After all end parts we're cut, i sanded the edges.

Then routed the edges with trim router. All edges from the side that comes outside, and only the upper section from the side that goes inside the caddy. (Don't route the section where sheet metal is going to connect.)

Step 3: Handle..

For the handle i used 1" thick broomstick.

I drilled the 1" hole 30mm from the upper edge. But not through.

I used 22mm thick board for the ends, holes are 15mm deep.

Handles are cut 440mm long. ( Both ends goes 10mm inside the caddy )

Step 4: Decorating..

I wanted to decorate my planters / caddys with some simple pictures.

Used dremel to engrave simple pictures, then toested surface around them with torch.

Filled the engravings with fine wood filler, and sanded surface smooth. ( i like filler looks more natural than epoxy or paint.)

And finally applied a layer of linseed oil.

Engraving cutter used:

Step 5: Assembling..

I assembled part together with screws.

Drilled six holes for the both ends pf the metal caddy,

then i aligned the ends with the bottom and attached them together. Then i placed the handle, and aligned the sides, and attached connected parts together with screws. ( that can be seen from the video.. I know my try to explain something tend to end poorly)

End then we are finished.

( I made three for planting and three to be used as a caddy)

Empty caddy weights little over 2.5 Kg, but still its sturdy enough for to be used as a caddy too. of course it can't be filled with heavy duty tools... there's another caddies for those. :)

Finally i hanged the planters outside, and planted some seedlings inside them, now i just need to wait. :)

When winter comes i will place them to my workshop.

Thanks for checking this out!

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