Tool Cart (re-purposed Stroller)





Introduction: Tool Cart (re-purposed Stroller)

I have alleys near my place where I walk the dogs. I often come across a discarded stroller like this one. This time I had been thinking of a good way to take all my tools into the apartment after working on a tiny house project (more on that later.) If you like this idea, please vote for me in the "Before and After" contest. Thanks.

Step 1: First Step: Find a Discarded Stroller in the Alley...

Preferably a heavy duty double-seat version. This particular cart will easily handle over 100 lbs. worth of tools, but it can be difficult to turn once fully loaded.

Step 2: Utilize Every Space Available...

I cut out plastic from the top bar below the handle where cups used to fit. Now my glue guns and hammers are close at hand. I put two large plastic totes in the space where the kid's cloth seats used to be. Simply cut out the seat material leaving the seat bases in place for the totes to sit on. I used several heavy duty zip ties to mount the totes for power tool storage.

Step 3: What Will Your Friends Think ?

I stack smaller tote trays on top to move, then unload those onto a work space, leaving the power tool totes in place. The only downside to this set up is when I roll this unit into the house at night (I don't have a garage.) Sometimes the wheels get pretty dirty and leave a nice trail of dirt as I roll it in. The only thing to be careful of when setting up something like this is when you remove the cloth seats and seat backs, you can remove too much material and compromise the integrity of the stroller. You have to carefully choose which parts to cut and which rivet to drill out. Otherwise, this was an easy and fun project.



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    2 years ago

    Great idea!!


    2 years ago

    I'm building one now...

    There are some (what I call) "urban assault" strollers that would be great for this. Usually for a not bad price at thrift stores.

    Nice one :-D


    2 years ago

    Great idea! Never would have thought of this.


    2 years ago

    Good job,l hate myself sold it