Tool Holder / Pin Cushion

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This is a real handy holder I came up with for those delicate tools such as pin vice, delicate tweezers, sewing needles and pins.  Even the stray craft blade. 

I glued 6 wine corks to a jar lid with e6000 .  And that is it.  The jar is holding pens and pencils, and this tool holder keeps delicate and sharp tools right where I need them every single time.  Its a great pin/ needle holder too. 

I suppose, I could keep buttons and thread inside the glass jar, and screw this top back on.  I guess I will be making more of these!


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    9 years ago on Introduction

    I should think if kccat was fishing exacto knifes or needles out of mugs, one of them could cut him while trying to get something.  This looks much better of a solution.

    2 replies

    You got THAT right. I made this based on experience!   And breaking the points of of new x-axto blades in the holders. 

    I tried magnets too, but I hate the involuntary magnetizing of the blades and needles when stored on vertical magnets. 

    What also is great about this one....insteand of having a separate  "traditional pin cushion.... this works and takes up way less space then cluttering with lots of various holders on the desktop. At any one time, I could be using a variety of different tweersa,sewing  needle, and a bead reamer, and then an exacto knife.  Everything is kept vertical and ready to use while keeping delicate points protected. 


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Flip'n Sweet!  A great way to keep your needles for slipping somewhere god knows where! I need to whip this up right away!
    Now off to drink some wine!

    1 reply

    Thank you. Sometimes the very simplest of ideas works!  This one does.   I had dried horizontal drawers, and revoling organizers, magnets, boxes, and bins....this works the best for those odd, delicate and sharp items used ever day. 


    9 years ago on Introduction

    This is a neat Idea...I throw all my stuff in discarded mugs which are growing...LOl I like this it keeps those needful things at your fingertips and in sight..Unlike my mugs , whereby I have to look in each mug to see where the tweezers fell...LOL...And NOW I know what to do with the wine corks I have been saving.  :-D