Tool Holder/Tote From 20 Oz. Vitamin Water Bottle




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A small tool holder/tote made from a 20 oz. Vitamin Water Bottle.
1. 20 oz. Vitamin Water bottle
2. Breakaway or utility knife.
3. Parachord. I used paracord with a 160 lbs load, but you can use any type similar to that.
4. Rubber bands
5. Home Depot canvas apron. These run for about $1.

Step 1: Cut Off the Top of the Bottle

1. Cut the top of the Vitamin Water bottle off using the breakaway knife.
2. Please note you can save the top for use as a small funnel.

Step 2: Cut, Loop, Braid and Knot Paracord

1. Cut the paracord to about a 3 foot length.
2. Loop the paracord in half.
3. Knot the looped end.
4. Braid the paracord from the knotted side without twisting it too much.
5. After the braiding is done, knot the side with 2 loose ends.

Step 3: Wrap Bottle With Rubber Bands

1. Using duct tape, tape the paracord to either side of the bottle, just above the knots at the end of the rope. Be sure the knots are opposite each other for balance. The knots should be below the trench in the bottle and the duct tape should cover the trench .
2. Now wrap the rubber bands around the bottle, over the duct tape, within the trench. For a secure hold, use about 10 to 12 rubber bands.

Step 4: Cover Tools With Home Depot Apron

1. Place tools in the bottle to test for balance. Even though it is a narrow bottle, I was able to fit a Phillips screwdriver, pair of scissors, joint pliers, needlenose pliers, reciprocating saw blade and a carpenter's pencil.
2. One of the advantages of this design is that if needed, the rubber bands and paracord can be removed from the bottle to be used in the field. Since they are inexpensive components, they can be easily replaced back in the shop.
3. In order to make the tool tote/holder more secure when transporting, use a Home Depot Canvas Work Apron to cover the tools.When covering it, fold the apron in half and place it over the tools under the paracord with the strings out.
4. Tie the apron strings around the bottle to hold the apron in place over the tools.



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    No it is not a joke.


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    Why would this be a joke? This is a pretty clever idea.


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    Thank you! That is very kind of you.


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    No, it is not. What makes you think it is?