Tool Organizer - Pliers and Wrenches

Introduction: Tool Organizer - Pliers and Wrenches

Deal with that mess in your toolbox with a wooden organizer for your pliers and wrenches



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    That's very well done...I be worried about what the future would hold for this.. my fear of all fears is being tied down to my own poorly laid out ideas at work. As good as might be able to get something I always worry there will come a point where I find out I did not plan enough to accommodate some new tool or way of doing things..

    With this in mind I would want the ability to pull out the wooden organizer portion to clean under it ocational, or should figure out I completely messed up the wood organize to throw it out and replace it with a much better one.

    I also want be able to move around the spacer so to better control my tools by type, and not be forced to work a organization system I came up with before I got some wierdo shaped tool that fits in with the pliers but look like a rivet gun had sex with a socket wrench to make a fabrication clamp.. Yes, it's about as likely someone will create this mystical clamp as the grocery store running out ice cream in december, but that is how the human mind thinks..

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    Cut small notches in the back and front piece of wood as well as a few notches on inside of the slats. That being said maybe a little thicker would would have to be used,making this completely modular. I did this with plastic shelving I got from Hancock fabrics as they were closing down their store and were selling literally everything including furnishings. The plastic shelves were free and so were the dividers. Easy to clean and they are oil and grease resistant. Very durable to. This is a pretty good representation of how to do this or something similar. If your that worried about constantly changing everything around to fit stuff in A) get another tool box or just leave an extra drawer free or some open space reserved for new tools. Good video nevertheless

    ooh yea.. that's exactly what I was thinking of when i made the comment.

    Cheezedog - Thanks for the comment - Jonathan's comment below is a good one. The project only took three hours so it wouldn't take much effort or wood to make a new one. Thanks for watching

    Good video. Read my response to cheezdog please. Thanks for taking the time to share.