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Introduction: Tool Rack VerktygsRack

Tool Rack

A compact portable Tool Rack that holds a lot of tools.

It is made in 12mm Construction/Form plywood, some wood strips in beech, copper-plated steel wire, wood screws, glue, plexiglass, M4 screw, M4 nut and some hooks.

The wooden strips can be made of 3mm birch plywood. I've made slots in the parts to make it really steady, but it's not absolutely necessary.

The drawings are made in VectorWorks.

MVH Anders Osbeck


Ett kompakt bärbart verktygsställ, som rymmer en hel del verktyg.

Det är tillverkat i 12mm formplywood, lite trälister i bok, förkopprad ståltråd, träskruv, lim, plexiglas, M4-skruv, M4-mutter och några krokar.

Trälisterna kan tillverkas av 3mm björkplywood. Jag har sågat ut spår i delarna för att det ska bli riktigt stadigt, men det är inte absolut nödvändigt.

Ritningarna är gjorda i VectorWorks

MVH Anders Osbeck

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    4 Discussions

    nice build. I couldn't vote for it though because I don't have an epilogue cnc.

    Nice! But what will you do if you get more tools? Will you add some type of extension or rebuild it?


    Question 5 months ago

    hello, good project! I just have one question why there is no handle on the top? it could be useful to transport it

    1 more answer


    Well, it just has not gotten off, I'm lifting up by the top shelf. But maybe I'll fix a handle.