Tool Storage (Utility Board Solutions)




The whole board with all the tool holders in place. This is the Elfa brand of utility board.

Step 1: Collect a Variety of Useful Objects

1. Go to Goodwill and Salvation Army

2. Cull items from other utility boards (old-fashioned peg board and grid boards)

3. Try garage sales

4. Don't expect to know exactly what type of object you need. I had no idea which of these things might work out, I just grabbed anything that appeared to have some potential. I did know that I wanted to be able to hang things and hold things. Every type of utility board has its own proprietary hooks and accessories, these oddball thrift store bric-a-brac pieces adapt to go along with the standard accessories of any board type.

Step 2: Storage for Pliers, Tin Snips, Scissors, Etc

Probably this was originally a spice rack. The level above has the handy ability to stay in place due to a magnetic strip on the bottom.

Step 3: Rack for Tools

Not sure what the original use of this was, works great for hammers, scissors, wrench, and so on.

Step 4: Hidden and Handy : Kitty Litter Scoops Out of Sight

For this I used a small bag (tucked the handles inside and kept them in place with clips). I put a flat tray in the bottom of the bag to keep its shape and stabilize it.



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