Tool Wall

Introduction: Tool Wall

This is a very simple and straightforward guide on how I decided to fix the mess that was my tool shelf. Everything was all over the place, I could never find what I needed. Something had to change.

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Step 1: Plan and Measure

Look at what you have, measure and plan. I had some angle brackets around and bought some nails. I choose nails because they were cheap and good enough.

Step 2: Design the Board

Based on your need, screw and nail dimensions design the board and cut it.

Step 3: Put Everything Together

Drill, screw and take a look at what you just achieved.

You can always change the positioning of the tools, layout, expand and so on.

Special thanks to the people at Fablab Leuven for the help and the facilities to cut the board. My favourite place in town.

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    2 months ago

    I go through so many L-brackets in my shop, they are so useful! Thanks for the tips!