Tool-free, Custom Fit Shelves




Easy closet shelving. No tools. No fasteners. Assembled in minutes. Disassembles even faster. Total cost: $48.00.

Step 1: Only 2 Parts: Shelves...

The closet in question measure 22" deep, 64" wide. The doorway is only 47" wide.

So I went to the hardware store. I had them cut a plank of 3/4" plywood into 2 shelves measuring 22" x 64".

Step 2: ...Spacers

I also had some 2x4's cut into 2' sections for use as spacers.

Step 3: Clean Out the Closet

Take everything out of the closet.

Step 4: Put in the Shelves

There's some molding running around the bottom of my closet, so I put down a couple 2x4's to protect the molding. Then I carefully put both shelves inside.

Step 5:

Once both shelves were in, I muscled them up and put in the first set of spacers.

Step 6:

Now you can erect the top shelf.

Step 7: Profit.

Now you can put all your original junk back in plus a lot more.



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    2 Discussions


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Take care that you only do this with shelves that are the same size as the closet, or else you'll need to attach the spacers to the shelf, and may need to add more support.

    You also want to be sure there is something at the front of the shelving to keep the boards from being kicked forward and collapsing the shelf.  Being a shallow closet yours works great going right up to the edge of the closet, but for a deeper closet deeper shelves become impractical, and you will either need to add something at the front to keep the supports from being knocked out, or simply attach the supports to the wall. 

    In that case a 1x2x2 piece of wood will replace a whole support.


    8 years ago on Step 7

    great idea for rentals where builds and nailholes not allowed! would work well in a couple of base cabinets I have that do not have shelves. Thanks