Introduction: ToolBox

Build a toolbox to keep organized.

Step 1: Cut Waferboard

Cut 3 pieces of 24"x12" waferboard. Cut 2 pieces of 12"x12" waferboard.

Step 2: Cut 2x2

Cut 2x2 to fit plush with the base piece of 24"x12" waferboard.

Step 3: Attach 2x2 to Waferboard Base.

Screw 2x2 to waferboard base.

Step 4: Attach Sides

Screw 24"x12" waferboard to sides of base.

Step 5: Attach Ends

Screw 12"x12" waferboard to ends of base.

Step 6: Fasten Corners

Screw brackets to top corners of box.

Step 7: Attach Support Blocks

Screw blocks of wood to sides to add support to handles.

Step 8: Unfold Husky Bucket Jockey

Unfold Husky bucket jockey

Step 9: Cut Seem

Remove stitching from one end of the jockey to lengthen it. Do this for two jockeys.

Step 10: Attach Jockey

Lay jockey over end and side of box.

Step 11: Attach 2nd Jockey

Lay jockey over remaining side and end of box. Staple in place for stability.

Step 12: Attach Handles

Screw handles to sides.

Step 13: Attach Wheels

Screw wheels to bottom.

Step 14: Fill With Tools

You're finished.



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    4 Discussions

    One possible addition is a heavy strap that would attach to the handles with a snap swivel or carribiner(sic) so you could carry or pull the box. You have a nice design for bulky items that change with the job.

    Seam, right?

    Simple, but practical and genius. Nice work.

    Ok, now that looks like a sturdy toolbox! I like the addition of the jockey on the outside!