Toolholder for 3mm Tools and Bits

Introduction: Toolholder for 3mm Tools and Bits

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Some small build in between: Nothing special, just a rough description and the design files.

Here are the design files for a toolholder for 3mm Tools (for Proxxon, Dremel etc) and Bits. Just take the design files and cut them with a lasercutter out of 5mm material. If you need storage room for other tools, just change the holes in the thin pieces. Best way is to align them with the holes which are already there, then delete the original one.

The cutted parts are then glued together (in this case it was 5mm poplar plywood with a cherry tree staining). For the tool holder there are just one thin piece of wood for each line of tools (which are long enough such that the backplate holds them in place), while for the bit holder a second piece of wood without holes prevents the bits to fall out of the bottom.

Additional holes kann be drilled into the backplate to mount the system on the wall. Done.

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