Tools - the Never Drop Driver,Wrench,hammer Etc

Introduction: Tools - the Never Drop Driver,Wrench,hammer Etc

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Isn't it annoying - your up a ladder or working under the car with a wrench or screwdriver etc, something happens, the wrench slips, maybe the driver comes out of the screw - - bugger it!!!!!!. Down goes your tool, your either reaching around blindly trying to find it or looking down 25 feet at the bleeder on the floor below - you know what I mean.

Try this out, I have been meaning to put this on line for ages but forgot. 

Step 1: Rustle Up

1 - Wrench or screwdriver etc - this multi tip tool worked really well but just about anything should work.

1 - One length of old bike inner tube - about 14 inches long - cut to final size when your all done.

1 - One length of inner tube about 1 inch long.

A pair of scissors to cut the material.

Step 2: Get a Grip

Slip one end of the long inner tube over and down the wrench handle - it needs to be a good tight fit, better to struggle a little now rather than end up cursing later.

Step 3: Next

Take the free end of the long length of tube and slip the short tube over it - about 8 inches down.

Step 4: After That

Take hold of the driver, with the tube hanging out the bottom of your palm - take it round, up and over the top - now slip the free end under the tool - fold the end back and tuck the remaining material through the small length of tube. The picture shows it far better than I can explain.

Your done - adjust for what will be a really comfy fit ( you'll see ), and cut to the finished length.

Step 5: Bombs Away - Not

This was such a help when we moved into the new house - putting up shelves n stuff, also if you need to say hold onto a ladder or maybe pick up a screw that's in a pot etc, you just let go of the tool and your hand is free.

The inner tube is pretty sticky too if ya keep your hands dry so makes for a good grip.

Another good use for me would be at least - picture this - your up a ladder with a hammer ( yes you know what's coming ) - ya go for that nail but miss - AAAAAAAAGGGHHH - where is the ****** hammer - double whammy - sore thumb and! you've gotta go down the flippin ladder to get your ****** tool - - - - - haha! not any more cruel world.

Big happy.

See ya.


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