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Hello everyone

We have a small warehouse ,  all our small projects and repairing takes place over there

But the problem is we don't have any organized place to store the tools , they are all over the place, part of them ware mounted on this wall , and the other are somewhere else.

I decided to do some Building and solve this issue.

So i decided to build a Wall Mount

Step 1: Buying Woooood

Went to a wood-house and bought a few 3.7 Meter woods

Step 2: Cut It to Fit the Car

Cool saw

Step 3: In the Car

Step 4: The Look Before the Project

I took a snapshot of how it looks before , catastrophic 

Step 5: Create Back Boards As a Spacer

Step 6: Putting the Boards Together

First , drill holes  , make sure you mark the center points of the board 

Step 7: Create Custom Bolts

Make sure you measure the size of the bolt using a Caliber

Grab it with the clamps , and cut it using a saw

Between the Clamps and the Bolt i rapped it with some fabric in order to keep the screw thread complete.

* if you wont do that rapping issue , you will encounter problems when you are screwing the nut

Step 8: Custom Bolts Ready

Step 9: Attach Back Boards

Step 10: Drill Holes in the Wall & Mount the Board

Step 11: Saw the Board in Order to Fit to the Faucet Location

I Have Ordered a new Faucet , will arrive shortly  ( Will update the picture )

Step 12: Create a Small Board for Screwdrivers

Grab the board with claps , then start drilling 

Step 13: Create Another Board for All the Drillers

Same here , grab it with clamps and drill

Step 14: Create Another Board for All Small Bits

Step 15: Create Another Small for the Little Grinding Tools

Step 16: Start Hanging the Tools

In order to hang the tools, you can use two methods .

first one , with screws , just drill them and hand on them the tools
Second one , with an iron wire ( in picture ) , cut it into small 8 cm pieces , drill a hole first and then Knock it in with a hammer.

 i chose the second option due to the fact that it is less likely to crack the Board and will look better

Step 17: Soldering Iron & Hot Glue Mount & Wall Plug

created two mounts, for the Soldering iron and the Hot glue..
and more over i added an external point electrical outlet  ( the electrical wire goes behind the board )

Step 18: Almost Done

I have ordered plenty of other useful tools , they will arrive in a few days, and then i will update the Post

Till then , i`m done




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6 years ago on Introduction

Great Idea.I will making this very soon.Thanks very much i needed this desperatly.


5 years ago on Introduction

I love this instructable.  One of my first favorites.  We bought a house over the summer that we've been remodeling and I'm finally almost ready to start on the garage, where I want to build a maker shed (workbench) and I hope to use many of the designs you have here.  I love the idea of having my most commonly used tools right in front of me.

Since my garage wall is just a blank slate, I first need to put in a workbench.  I'm thinking 39-42" tall will be best, perhaps 30" deep and 16' wide, with a 12" shelf about a foot above the surface.  (I'm looking to do both electronics and woodworking.)  The surface you started the instructable with looks great, with a smooth sturdy surface and cabinets below that come right up to the surface.  

Is that something you bought or built? And in either caes, can you provide any details? Thanks!

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Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

Thank dude , that really means a lot to me :)

Sounds great

Actually i built everything from Zero . i needed some help with a few parts since i don`t have all the knowledge to build everything..

I think that if i would have to change something then i would have given more thought on Lightning .

When you do a lot of wood work or even electronics , you need good light

So for that purpose i`m planning to buy two of this :


With this light i can see better all those small placed i currently work , and it is adjustable

Either way please upload your Instructable when you finish , it would be great to see it

Good luck!


Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

Hey Roey-

I'm finally ready to start building your tool wall mounts. I ended up getting two 8' adjustable height workbenches (the Gladiator ones), one which I'll set at 42" for electronics and the other at 36" for woodworking. I hate the look of peg boards, so I'm hoping to copy your idea and just screw boards directly to the wall above the benches and then mount all the tools and bits like you did.

A few more questions: How thick is the iron wire you use to hang all the tools, and what keeps it from falling out? I think you cut short 8cm pieces, then drill a hole (what size?), then hammer half of it into the wood, and bend the remaining exposed half into a hook to hold each tool? Why doesn't the wire pull out of the hole when you hang a tool up? Is it tied or connected to anything on the back side?

Speaking of backside, what is the purpose of the wall spacers? Does your back wall make it impossible to mount the boards directly to it? In my case, they are just going into drywall in a garage with 2x4 wood studs behind them, so I figure I can just buy 1"x12"x12' boards and drill them directly into the studs. Or is it better to leave a gap between the wall and the boards of your tool mount for your metal wire technique?

Thanks again for the great idea and any advice.


Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

Hey dude!

"How thick is the iron wire you use to hang all the tools" - well it`s not thick at all , you just need to choose the right material , i do believe that a 4mm is quite thick , that will do the work

I drilled a 3.5mm hole inside the board , and pushed the iron wire with force , that way it wont pop out .

It`s not connected to anything in it`s back , the only thing that keeps it in it`s place is the pressure .- don`t forget to drill a bit smaller hole than the iron wire.

I do believe that by leaving a small gap ( adding spacers of 3-5 cm ) will give you the ability to drill threw the wood ( if you wanna hang something heavy - then you need to drill the iron wire deeper or even replace it with something stronger like a screw )

If you wont leave space behind that the only option for is to drill a hole as deep as your wood thickness..

Either way , i do sure that you will succeed in your work!

Post it here , i will follow you , i wanna see how it came out

Gooooooood luck dude!

Tex Arcana

5 years ago

very good. those it always gets me how you European folks have to work over the bathroom or kitchen to get a workspace (yes, I know: it may not be that, but it looks that way). great ingenuity in making this setup.


5 years ago on Introduction

Cool storage man! Similar to mine - I used a pressure treated 2x4 and some simpson strong-tie angle irons shot into the concrete with a Hilti masonry nail gun:


5 years ago on Introduction

Nice job--need something like this to better organize tools in my shop. If you left narrow spaces [maybe 6 or 13 mm] between each of the back boards, could you design a way to hang re-positionable [sliding and removable] tool holders which would hang over the slots, especially small trays for small items that you might need to carry elsewhere briefly? [Sort of akin to what I see in stores here for displaying shoes on adjustable, slotted back supports.] In fact, when I first saw your photo of laying out the backboards, I hoped you were going to do that so I could benefit from your experience! Good job--enjoying your multiple projects!

nice work. i would give the steel tools closest to the sink a wipe-down with some paste wax or a light oil to prevent any long-term surface oxidation because of humidity from the sink. good work!

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6 years ago on Introduction

hmm..I'm moving house and this would be a great way to organize my stuff...I'm always so disorganized :-( ....perhaps there is hope for me yet ;-)

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Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

DO IT ! , don`t waste any time , it`s a great arrangement for your tools!

very recommended


Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

I hear you .
on my side , i just love to see the tools spread out in front of me , instead of opening a drawer each and every time that you need some tool , when they are on some hanger they are just in front of u , you just grab and start working


Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

Some things don't scale well. One thing you can do as you get more tools is make hinged tool panels. They are kind of like a Rollo-Dex.

Other than that it is tough to beat the density that tool chests allow. Almost all of my available wall space is covered with shelving, which is valuable storage itself. Plus many things I do generate lots of dust. Tool with dust left on them tend to rust in my climate. If I had to dust all of my tools off all of the time I'd give up!

That chest was just one box of tools I have. I have 4 others with drawers, and I don't know how many more compartment boxes. If you'd like to take a peek into one of my other drawers then look here:

Those are some of my snips. I have other drawers dedicated to other tools as well. When I say I have tons of tools I mean it literally. I do hang my electronics tools out though:

So I'm not entirely consistent. I end up polishing those more than I'd care to admit. I think the effort shines through though.


Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

I keep my tool in my drawers unless you have a nice chest...haha..oh me.

no? noone else?....

Seriously though...simple, straightforward...and started this instructable last night. Thank You for making this so easy!!
I was looking for a way to install some thing other than peg board...and bam... there you are. Thanks again man!


Reply 6 years ago on Introduction


I have also seen your instructable : "Simple Cheap Air Conditioner "

it`s a brilliant idea!!