Tooth Pick Bird

Introduction: Tooth Pick Bird

About: Retired Automotive Tooling Engineer at Collins and Aikman.Sound ideas in Noise Control.

This tooth pick dispenser works in the following way. Push down on the bird's head and as the bird descends a slide comes forward with a tooth pick on it. The tooth pick is captured in the bird's beak and returns to the start position.

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Step 1: Cam for the Internal Mechanism

This is the cam and the first part of the build. No tools are need at this point

Step 2: Slide Cam and Vertical Part of the Mechanism

Assemble these 3 parts using the roll pins provided. Place all parts on the table as shown. Push the pins into the holes using fingers or a needle nose pliers. Please note that the slide has a rectangular shape facing up.

Step 3: Slide and Cam

The slide and cam is shown with the roll pin installed. The roll pins and all hardware are included in the Tooth Pick Bird kit.

Step 4: Slide Assembly

Slide Assembly with the return spring installed. Please note that the spring loop must slide between the vertical part of the mechanism. You will need to squeeze the spring loop a bit to allow it to pass through the vertical without touching.

Step 5: Small Parts Required

The rectangular part is the lid that covers the tooth pick supply. A spring and roll pins are also shown. The long wire is used to operate the mechanism and bird.

Step 6: Main Housing Top View and Mechanism View

The Main Housing comes in a plastic protective bag which prevents finger prints and damage. The inside of the Main Housing shows all parts in place. The verticle slides in place in the center of the bottom Main Housing and does not require any screws or additional assembly. Stretch the spring and place it on the vertical post of the Main Housing

Step 7: The Bird

The bird comes as a left and right side. It must be fastened together with epoxy or crazy glue. It would help if small clamps are used to hold the two halves together while the glue dries.

Step 8: Bird Installed, Bottom Lid

The bird is installed using a roll pin, The wire in the bird is attached as shown and fastens to the internal mechanism.The bottom lid is then lined up with the slot in the lid. The bottom lid pops in place and is help with one Philips screw.

The project is now finished and the tooth picks can be placed into the pocket just below the birds neck.

The rectangular plate covers up the supply of tooth picks to keep them clean.

The Tooth Pick Bird works the best with round tooth picks.

Enjoy your project.

The cost of the project is 10.00 or 3 for 20.00

Makes for a wonderful fund raiser with the low cost of the project.

It makes a great project for school kids from grade 5 and up and takes approximately 1/2 hour to 1 hour to complete phone 519-747-0454

Step 9: Parts List

item #1 Main Housing, item #2 Cam, item#3 Slider, item#4 Vertical, Item #5 Spring, Item #6 Bird, item #7 Tooth Pick Cover #8 Bird Wire, #9 Bottom cover, #10 Bottom cover screw, #11 roll pins (2). In the event any parts are lost or damaged or broken for any reason, I will replace any individual part for 1.00 ea.

Total cost for everything is 10.00 or 3 for 20.00

Shipping is extra. PLEASE DO NOT SEND CASH

Allow one to two weeks for delivery. Postal money order is best or PAYPAL

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    3 years ago

    That's a cool looking bird!