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Introduction: Tooth Paste Pen!

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Yes a tooth paste pen! Now I know that behind a cool thing there is usually a story but do you know??Now this is my  story now it started when my brother took a part  his spy pen  one end was a pen and the other was a  recorder so I ask if I chould have the pen part, and as  I thought he said yes! Then I started to think what chould I make ,and there was a tooth paste container  (I had in mind of build in a tooth paste pen for a long time.)so that's pretty much how that started.If you like what I build please Subscribe to me!! If you want please vote for this in the  Epilog Challenge!

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Step 1: Get It!

Ok this is a list of what you need to get:
Tooth paste container with a lid,
Hot glue and glue gun,
Little  of Clay,
The front of a pen with the ink, 

Step 2: Glue

You should now glue the front of the pen to the tooth paste lid with the ink inside

Step 3: Empty

Now make sure you get all the tooth paste out! Put water down in to the tooth paste container then push both side in and watch the tooht paste ,and water come out repeat til it like as empty as you can get it. 

Step 4: Filling

Ok now put your mouth over the open spot of the   tooth paste container  and blow air in to it till its filled. Then take a tisuse and and tear a piece off of it then put it between  your hands and rub,and make a snake! Put them down the hole thats on the tooth paste  container make about six of them( make sure you put the six in before you do this next part.) Then put hot  glue down the hole.Now after you put the glue down the hole take a (make sure the glue did not dry yet whenefore  you pack it in) pencil ,and push it down to pack it in.Repeat this step till you get half full then take your clay ,and put it between your hands ,and rub and make  snakes do this three times put them down the hole in the tooth paste conainer then pack it in with the pencil. The repeat the tisuse steps ,and the hot glue steps till its filled to the top.

Step 5: Put on the Cap!

Finally  were almost done! put glue inside the cap then hurry up ,and screw the cap on before the glue drys!

Step 6: Done!!!

Your Done!! now go show it off to your family and friends!!

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    This is such a creative idea i made this and brought it to school i got so many weird looks XD


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks! Nice to know somebody made it!