Toothbrush Fountain (to Rinse Your Mouth) *DIY*PRETTY COOL*




Introduction: Toothbrush Fountain (to Rinse Your Mouth) *DIY*PRETTY COOL*

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Today I'll show you how to build a toothbrush fountain to rinse your mouth after brushing your teeth.

All you need is your toothbrush and a wood or metal drill.....

Here the link to my video:

Toothbrush Fountain - Tutorial

It's a pretty cool thing and I wish that I get 100,000 views for this video/simple trick.

So please HELP ME :-D



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    26 Discussions

    I will try this, and it's definitely a fun idea! Good job on the video.

    This might not work on my toothbrush because mine doesn't have a thick section in the middle like the one in the video.

    TBH though, I will probably just continue to put my face the 3 inches farther that it takes to rinse my mouth directly in the stream from the faucet, which is hands free, also haha

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    Wasn't that on Kickstarter some time ago?

    Not saying you got the idea from others or suffer from cryptomnesia

    but if you do it might be a good idea to tell your readers.

    Anyway great idea.

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    I have never seen a manual or tutorial to build yourself something like this.

    If it nevertheless should be somewhere, I'm sorry. THIS ONE is my very own version/instruction......but, THANKS for your comment.

    my kids would make a flood if they had this!! haha

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    This is brilliant!!

    I'm predicting toothbrushes will start coming with this feature, if they don't already. So clever!

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    I just saw one of these a few days ago on some random website. It's amazing that even in something as overdesigned as a toothbrush, new functions can be found.

    Good job Ehlers_TV!