Toothbrush Head Holder

Introduction: Toothbrush Head Holder


Maybe not the simplest or the best-looking toothbrush head holder you can imagine but it gets the job done.

I did it by improvising with the materials and tools I had:
- an 8mm transparent acrylic panel
- an old suction cup with a clamp
- a laser cutting machine

May this project be an inspiration for your own toothbrush head holder.

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Step 1: Layout and Cutting

My layout works with Oral-B heads but I guess it should be fine with other brands. Don't forget to measure yours before cutting! Same with the acrylic thickness. Mine was 8mm but the layout can easily be tweaked to fit different thicknesses. Also, the rod is drawn to work with my clamp.

The .ai file gathers every stage of the drawing process, so you can easily modify the pieces as needed.

Get the .ai file, feed it into the laser cutter and voilà!

Step 2: Assembly

Assembly is very easy, shouldn't be a problem. I recommend to glue the pieces. If your calculations are right, the holder should slide into the clamp with a little resistance.

I got my suction cup + clamp from this kind of vase : but I trust you to be creative with whatever you can use to hang or set up your holder.

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