Toothbrush Holder (Hang on the Wall)




This is my first instructables. so be nice to me, I'm still learning.
My Instructables going to be simple by delivering it with simple english, straight forward, and have a lot of pictures. You don't even need to read, just scrolling down the pictures will give you the idea.

Living in a hostel and sharing bathroom will obviously tend to make your bathroom look awful, not organize and messy. I had this problem (which is the toothbrush) and i start to make my own solution. so, This Is It! it does help me, hope it helps you too.

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Step 1: What You Need

1) Toothbrush (with soft rubber at the end), I'm using Colgate Slimsoft
2) Paper clip (small)
3) Hook wall hanger (with small end)

1) Super glue cyanoacrylate adhesive (optional with brush)
2) Pliers - to cut the paper clip 
3) Scissor - to remove the plastic coated at the paper clip pin
4) Double sided tape
5) knife - to clean off the back of my hook wall hanger 

Step 2: Cut

Step 3: Remove

Step 4: Assemble

insert the U-pin at the end of the toothbrush without using the glue yet. this is to make a ready-hole for later.

Step 5: Re Assemble

take out the U-pin. put the super glue at the both end of the U-pin and QUICKLY insert back into the end of the toothbrush.
Leave it to dry for a minute. then put again some glue for finishing as well as to make it hold stronger.

Step 6: The Hook

You won't need to do this if u are using new wall hanger.
i clean at the back of it with knife.
cut the double sided tape according to the shape.
and Done!

Step 7: A New Life for Toothbrush Began!

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    6 years ago

    This is so useful! I have a small bathroom in my room with barely any counter space and this is perfect so my toothbrush doesn't get all yucky!:D hehe you said you loved in a "hostel" did you mean "hotel"?

    1 reply

    Frankly speaking, it doesn't have any brand. just a cheap knife that is normally being using for fishing. there is a small torchlight at the side of the knife (its help me a lot). i buy it at night market.

    i like the idea, but i will just drill a hole in the shaft of the toothbrush. its faster and requires less motorskills, unless you would use a handdrill, of course. but yours looks cooler, i guess.

    1 reply

    6 years ago

    Actually this is a great idea, beats having your toothbrush standing in a cup of slimy run-off, and it can air dry. Nice one

    1 reply