Toothbrush Organizer for My Kid

Introduction: Toothbrush Organizer for My Kid

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I have trouble with my kid when teaching her to take care for her toothbrush. After brushing, she always leave it on the sink counter or in the glass or worst, dropped it on the bathroom floor. It untidy and may dirty the toothbrush. Germs will flourish.

I must solve this situation once and for all.

Em, how to teach my kid to care for her toothbrushes?

Start thinking... Eureka!

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Step 1: Items

This are the things that I need...

1. A squared type drinking bottle
2. Double sided tape
3. Disinfectant liquid
4. A scissor
5. The love for my kid

Step 2: The Cutting

Firstly, I cut a hole at the end of the bottle.

Step 3: The Slot

Then, I make two slots at the middle of the bottle.

Step 4: The Cup

Near the mouth of the bottle, I cut three sides but leave one side uncut.

Step 5: The Sticky

Using the double sided tape, I place carefully at the back of the bottle.

Step 6: The Wall

I stick the bottle on my kid's bathroom wall.

Step 7: The Arrangement

  1. I place the toothpaste inside the first hole. Next, I arrange the toothbrushes in the slots.
  2. Then, I pour some water in the cup and added a little disinfectant liquid.

Step 8: Teaching My Kid How To...

After she rinsed her toothbrush with tap water, I ask her to dip the bristle in the solution before putting it into the slot. I tell her that it will kill the germs. Next time she brushes her teeth, she will know that her toothbrush is always clean and free of germs.

If I want to discard the disinfectant solution, I just loosen the cap a little bit and the solution will flush down. Tight it back and refill the cup with a new solution.

Happy making!

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    4 years ago

    nice tips , thankyou


    Reply 4 years ago

    Thanks for commenting.
    If you have kids, you should try to do it. Happy making! :)