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I picked up a pack of 5 X Acto blades- number 11- for fifty cents at a flea market, and being that I do not own an actual x acto knife, I made one out of a toothbrush.
This is my first Instructable, I apologize for not having pictures for all the steps, making this into an Instructable was an afterthought, hope it still helps someone.
Please leave questions and comments.

Step 1: What You'll Need

drill with bits
needle nose pliers
fire- stove, blowtorch or lighter
sharp scissors

X Acto blades
small screw

breathing mask or respirator (fumes from melted toothbrush are unpleasant)

Step 2: Decapitate the Toothbrush

 I hacked the bristle end off with a cleaver, a strong pair of scissors will work fine though.

Step 3: Start Making the Hole for the Blade

2- Put the headless toothbrush in a vise, with the headless part facing up. Using a bit smaller than the width of the toothbrush drill into the top, being careful to drill straight down and not making a  hole in the side.
 sorry no pictures of this

Step 4: Prep the Blade for Insertion

Grip the X Acto blade in a pair of needle nose pliers, with the sharp end in the pliers teeth. Using a stove (or blowtorch) to heat the bottom end of the blade until it gets red hot

Step 5: Inserting the Blade

while the blade is still very hot, push it down into the hole at the top end of the headless toothbrush. you wlill have to work fast, because without heat from the blade it will be difficult to get it into the plastic toothbrush.

 while the plastic is still warm and malleable, use the pliers to crimp the edges so the plastic will harden tightly around the blade.

Step 6: Finishing Touches

Once the plastic rehardens, use a very narrow drill bit to make a hole through the toothbrush where the hole at the bottom end of the blade is. the toothbrh I used was translucent so I was able to see exactly where the hole needed to be. take a small screw and and screw it into the hole using a screwdriver, (drill isn't necessary).This helps to hold the blade in place inside the toothbrush.

Optional- put a few drops of super glue into the hole before putting the screw in, it'll make it a bit stronger.


I strongly recommend not putting toothpaste on this toothbrush!

Always exercise CAUTION when working with  power tools, sharp objects, and fire.




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    Where I work we call this a shank. Looks good for what your useing, all your missing is some torn up sheets wrapped around the base to make the handle.

    3 replies