Toothbrush Bracelet




Introduction: Toothbrush Bracelet

I just want to make others more aware of the things we can do by recycling and find projects that...

To make this fabulous bracelet you will need a toothbrush and that's about it! You will have to first take out the bristles from the tooth brush using pliers or even scissors. After that throw you toothbrush into boiling water and once u think it will be able to bend (it will take about a hour) take it out using tongs and shape it using grips after your finished shaping it place it into cold water to make the shape last! Once ints in the cold water for 15 minutes u can take it out and put it on your wrist and don't forget to show off! I got this idea from twogirlsbeingcrafty be sure to check out more.



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    You should just leave the bristles on it. Like it

    This is totally cool!!!!!

    This is awesome!!!!!!!! I luv this not kidding!!!