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Introduction: Toothbrush Head Holder

I have 9 grandchildren: 2 of them are still babies, but it still means 7 toothbrush heads (we use electric toothbrushes). Last week, my wife said "Why don't you prepare some kid activity (they are staying with us for their holidays) so each one can recognize his toothbrush?". Well... okayyyy...

I checked what I had in my workshop and I found:
- dry cleaner hangers (I always keep them!)
- autohardening clay
- acrylic paint
- wood boards

There is no need for big explanations: it takes 4 easy steps as you will see.

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Step 1:

1- Make the head holder from a dry cleaner hanger section. I'm sure you have good pliers somewhere, to do that.

Step 2:

2- Make small sculptures on the head holder with the clay. This is the difficult step. The creations are small and you will need tools like small knives to help. Do not make small details that the children might not be able to paint. Let harden for a few hours. Of course, you can let your kids make the sculpture by themselves: it's up to you, but do not let them use dangerous tools!

Step 3:

3- Have the children choose their own holder, and let them paint it with the acrylic paint. Let dry.

4- Fix the holders on the board you prepared: et voilà!

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    Great idea, thank you for sharing. I have also been thinking about making toothbrush head holders for my kids. I like it how they can paint their own and be part of the project.


    6 years ago on Introduction

    Mmmhhh... you're sure you mean to comment my post? Or is it some kind of spam?