Toothpick Holder



What to do with small waste pieces of leather and you already have enough key fobs..?

Leather toothpick holder is fast and easy project. It is also ideal as a gift for the person who already has everything.

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Step 1: Supplies

This project is possible to do without machines. However, I used the sewing machine

  • Leather
  • Steel ruler
  • Knife


  • Sewing machine or hand stitching tools. ( waxed thread, prong for stitching holes and needle)
  • Revolving punch plier, oval shape

Step 2: Cuttings

Use a toothpick as a model to perceive the right measure.

You can do this freehand or by measuring (length of the leather is approx. (toothpicks lenght + 2 cm) * 2)

Cut the gap to one side only. I used an oval-shaped cutter. This can also be cut with a knife

Step 3: Glue and Sew

Put the contact adhesive to the edges gently and glue halves to each other.

Sew seams with machine.

If you are sewing by hand then make holes for stitches and sew.

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