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Introduction: Toothy Pillow

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Tooth Fairy having trouble finding anything under your pillow? Make a small one, just for her! A decorated pillow with googly eyes and a big smiling tooth, she can't have trouble finding your teeth.

Step 1: Cut the Felt

Cut a 12 Inch by 41/2 Inch piece of fabric or felt, then fold it in half. This will be the base of the pillow. Good colors are Green, Red and Black. Lighter colors like White or Yellow  would be hard to find teeth under.

Step 2: Tooth Time!

Cut a tooth shape from Felt or Fabric and using craft glue attach it to the pillow. Using White would be best, as if you used Yellow, the tooth fairy might not think you brush your teeth quite good enough. When you glue it on, Leave the top of the tooth open. This is where you will put the teeth. Decorate the tooth with googly (Wiggle) eyes and a fabric pen. Be sure you let the ink and glue dry before the next step, or you will likely mess up.

Template Below.

Step 3: Sew It Up

Kids: Using yarn and a safe needle, sew through the felt with the needle. If you need to, get an adult to help you thread the needle and show you how to sew. Leave about 2 Inches open, then stuff with cotton. Your done!

Adults: Using yarn or thread, sew your felt / fabric with the needle and leave 2 or 3 Inches open, and stuff with cotton. Your done!

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    I've gotta make one of these for my little guy! He keeps loosing his teeth after he puts it under his pillow and I'm starting to think that our toothfairy is a cheep skate who takes the tooth but leaves no money! lol. Thanks for sharing!