Tootsie Roll Poop Prank

Hi guys this is a great prank if you want to get your friends and gross them out.

Step 1: How

You will get 10 tootsie rolls and unwrap them. After you do that you will start smooshing them together. Once you have done that you smooth them and you can add little details to make them look like poop.

Step 2: Pranking Time

This prank is best if you have a small dog and do it in the dark. You can hide it in one of your pockets and then go to your friend and say you found your dogs poop and then eat it.



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    4 years ago on Introduction

    That is how I made the poop, for the kitty litter box cake. you cook it in the micro wave, too long, it becomes too loose.

    i pretended it was diarrhea and poured it in the litter