Top Five Outdoor Places to Go in Washington State

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Washington is an amazing place to visit. It has rugged mountains, and beautiful valleys. It has something for everyone!

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Step 1: 1. Mt. Rainer

Mt. Rainer is definitely one of the best places to visit! The mountain is just a beautiful white triangle on the horizon! There are trails, streams, visitors centers, and more! Its definitely a place to see in Washington!

Step 2: 2. Mt. Saint Helens

Though Mt. Saint Helens is an active volcano, it is still a beautiful place. It flourishes with life, such as flowers, trees, shrubs, and plants. It is also a tourist spot. It has trails, caves, snow, lakes, forests, and more. It is still slowly growing since its eruption in 1980. It is a very beautiful location to visit in Washington!

Step 3: 3. Olympic National Park

Olympic National Park is a beautiful place to visit, with forests, lakes streams, and more. It is a very beautiful place. With such a abundance in flowers, shrubs, trees, and plants, it is a very popular place to visit.

Step 4: 4. Olympia

Though Olympia is not a state park, it is the capitol of Washington. It has forest, parks, and lakes surrounding it! Near it are Black Lake, LBA, Wonder Wood Park, Priest Point Park, and more! Olympia is very diverse, and has many different things to do.

Step 5: 5. Millersylvania

Millersylvania is a small state park hidden among the woods of Washington. It is easily accessible, and has a lake, woods, trails, streams, camping(RV and tents), fishing, and more! It is a nice little piece of gold among dirt! It is perfect for a family vacation since it offers swimming, boating, fishing, hiking, camping, and more!

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