Top Ramen Microwave Noodle Omelet.





Introduction: Top Ramen Microwave Noodle Omelet.

Ok its breakfast time, going to need to eat something, what do you do?

Cold cereal.... its cold out and the thought of putting something cold in you before going outside is the last thing you want to do.

How about some fried eggs and bacon, there we go. but that means braking out the skillet, making a big mess, and you tend to value sleep over food.

Grits oatmeal and other hot cereals, i'm not one for the gooey bland hot stuff myself.

Well, we have some top ramen, and some eggs, maybe a bit of cheese....soon we shall feast!

Step 1: Ingredients.

What you need.


One, glass bowl.
One, microwave (sense this instructable is for the Hungry Scientist Contest, the microwave will be known as a "magnetron induced heating device" for the rest of this instructable).
Two, forks.
One, Mesh Food Strainer (not in photo).
One, butter (yes this is hardware, and no its not in the photo).
One, paper towel (not in photo).


One, packet of Top Ramen noodles (chicken was used here).
One, jumbo sized egg or two smaller eggs.
One, bottle of parmesen cheese (or other cheese of your choice)
One, set of salt and pepper grinders (or normal salt, but ground pepper is a must)
One, bottle of Encore no salt seasoning.

Step 2: The First Heating.

First we need to break up the noodles in to little bits, I do this by pressing the heel of my hand in to the block in a circular manner.

After you break up the noodles, put them in a glass* bowl and cover with water, the noodles should have about 2 inches of water under them.

Now add the whole flavor packet to the water and use you mixing fork to mix it up, and place the bowl in the "magnetron induced heating device", i normally set my "magnetron induced heating device" somewhere around 4 minuets (i have a 1500watt "magnetron induced heating device", that i would say have about stranded power).

*it has to be glass or something similar that's non stick.

Step 3: Drain and Egg.

When you take the bowl out of the "magnetron induced heating device", the noodles should be nice and fluffy, but still at lest to covered with water. Now get a paper towel and wipe a warmers stick of butter with it, put the noodles in a mesh strainer and quickly butter the bowl with your buttery paper towel and dump the noodles back in the bowl.

It's egg time. crack open your egg and put it in the bowl, mix it in and than add a good helping of parmesen cheese(a little less than a half cup) add your salt, more pepper than you think you need and any other seasonings that you want, in my case Encore no salt seasoning just because its what i had laying around and it tastes good. frankly you could add just about anything you would add to a normal omelet, i have yet to play around with other things, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't.

After mixing it all up good, pop it back in the "magnetron induced heating device" and set it for about 2 minutes.

Step 4: FEAST!

Take out the bowl of oh so yummy goodness that you have created. to see if it done stick a fork in the center of it (your eating fork) and pull it to one side, if the bottom of the bowl is dry you are good to go, if there is still liquid egg, it needs to go back in the "magnetron induced heating device".

Let the om nom nom nom'ing begin!

A note on clean up, the protein in the egg makes a very nice glue, add some cheese and you have something that is crazy hard to get off the bowl once it is dry, so make sure so clean the bowl as soon as you are done eating.



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    22 Discussions

    Mix in some A1 sauce at the end and it's heavenly~

    1500!!!! holy crap thats more then double the standard 700w magnetron induced heating device. that being said the time is about the same for some reason.

    You are nominated for the 601Contest: Breakfast! Congratulations!

    Eating it as we speak.
    Now I gotta admit: I didn't follow all the steps EXACTLY, but what I've made is adequate, to say the least. Egg-cellent work! *ba dum tss* It's most certainly a good jumping off point to make some REALLY tasty stuff! :D

    Just had this for brekie. My gut is about to pop. I used 2 jumbo eggs. I mixed the flavor packet in with the egg, then doused it with tabasco and ketchup. Very good. Next time I'm going to risk breaking out the skillet and cook the eggs with the noodles in a pan like doing fried rice. Thanks for the recipe

    Just trying this right now, it's not bad. Definitely better than eating it plain. This is what I'll be doing when I run low on food now.

    found this lastnight while mentally not here and thought id try it when i was here. all i had was roast beef ramen, interesting flavour..kind of odd with beef and eggs. still good nonetheless

    I don't have a magnetron induced heating device, can i use a microwave instead?

    i liked mine with a cheese omlete on bottom of the bowl and a shreded cheese mix melted into theramen in the bowl

    im gonna try sound interesting, and by the comments, it can't be too horrible ;P

    1 reply

    i tried it first without the seasoning packet-not half bad then i added the seasioning-even better then i added some parmesan-really good.... 405/5 stars

    I made this for lunch one day, though i left out the seasoning pouch and added frozen bell peper and onion. verry tastey!

    Ramen+eggs=dinner for many a friday! I am so gonna try this! but with spicy ramen *yum=)

    Gonna try it, but...the whole flavor packet, parmesan cheese and then you ADD MORE salt? I'm really surprised you lasted long enough to write this. :)

    3 replies

    I have to agree with Spoonman on this one. There is too much salt in the Ramen flavor packet as it is. When I make Ramen, I use only 1/2 of the packet, and it's salty enough (probably still too salty, but at least it's cut back).

    it is not as salty as you would think it would be, you pour out most of the flavor packet when you drain out the water, and you can use other kinds of cheese if you are watching you salt intake.

    After trying this for myself, I agree, most of the salt flavor pours out when you drain the noodles. It was pretty tasty, thanks for the instructable :-)

    Hmm, chicken flavored ramen seems like the way to go (eggs, you know) but all I've got is beef flavor at the moment. I wonder how funky that will be? I'll see if I can post a photo and review after tomorrow morning's breakfast experiment.