Topped Ice Volcano Glass




Introduction: Topped Ice Volcano Glass

This is great for putting cocktails in and stunning for looks

Step 1: You Will Need

Cling film, a glass and some water

Step 2: The Ice

Fill the glass with water to where you prefer

Step 3: Cling Film

Add the cling film firmly around the rim

Step 4: Freeze

Then stick the glass into the freezer upside down

Step 5: Waiting

Wait four to 5 hours for it to freeze

Step 6: The Hole

Then run some hot water into the ice to burn a hole

Step 7: Enjoy

Take it out of the freezer and enjoy
( it's better with a straw)



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    Nice one im one jelous gal i wish i had that many veiwers

    My pleasure

    Wow it looks really stunning, not to mention all in progress pictures are awesome! Thanks for sharing!

    It would be nice to have some followers guys