Torch in a Bottle




I am a recycling geek. So just added a simple bulb from a old torchlight and a plastic bottle. The switch is made from copper tape, so when I make contact from bottle top (funnel) to bottom then buld lights up.


Step 1: Materials Needed

You need 1 plastic bottle any size. 2x1.5V batteries and a battery holder for it. About 20 mm copper tape sold at hobby shops. Some thick foamy doulbe sided type. 1x2.2V bulb salvaged from a old torchlight. 1x bulb holder(can be screw in or twist in depending on bulb type). About 50-100mm insulated wire depending on bottle size. Soldering Iron and solder.

Step 2: Step 1

Cut a soda plastic bottle using a cutter about 1/4 way from cap. Cut all around. Later can use scissors to trim any uneven edges.

Step 3: Bottle Cut

This is how the top half and bottom half contact to on the light something like a touch switch.

Step 4: Making the Bulb Hole

Using an old soldering iron, I made a hole on the cap at the centre about the side of bulb and pushed bulb in.

Step 5: Battery

Attach battery to the bottom half

Step 6: Joining Up the Contact Switch

Now solder some wires to the 2 end of bulb. The two free ends should each be soldered to a copper tape pasted at the edge of the bottom half of bottle. This forms a closed loop (see photos)

Step 7: Completed Torch

Photo shows completed bottle torch. Now all you need to do is wrap a rubber band over wires on top half so it sits nicely into the bottom half. Once the two halves copper tape comes in contact the torch is activated.



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    11 years ago on Introduction

    you should add aluminum foil around the bulb housing in order to focus the light like a regular torch.

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