Torched American Flag Table

Introduction: Torched American Flag Table

Simple coffee table design, done in only 12 steps.


1. About 20 2 by 4's

2. 1'' screws

3. A drill

4. Any miter saw

5. Any wood planner

6. Any table saw

7. Kreg Jig

8. Torch

9. Urethane can

10. Wood glue

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Step 1: Cut Boards for Table Top

You're going to cut six 2 by 4's to 6/8ths of an inch, using the table saw. This is for the thickness of your table.

Step 2: Cut Table Top Boards

Cut all six boards to 40 inches long using a miter saw.

Step 3: Cut Connector Boards

Cut two 2 by 4's to 3/8ths for the thickness, and 19 inches for the length. These two boards will be underneath the table connecting all the boards together.

Step 4: Cut Boards for Legs

Cut four 2 by 4's to 24 inches long using a miter saw. Then using the table saw cut the boards to 2 5/8ths for the width of the boards.

Step 5: Connecting the Legs

Cut a 2 by 4 to your desired thickness and 5/16ths in length. This is for connecting the legs together to make the table sturdy. Then use a Kreg Jig to make angled holes so you can screw the board into the legs.

Step 6: Attaching Table to Legs

Set the table top onto the legs and screw straight down into the legs. I recommend pre drilling before you screw into the boards to make pilot holes so the screws don't split the wood.

Step 7: Cut Panels for Perimeter of Table

Cut a 2 by 4 to 4/8ths with a table saw to make a skinny panel to go around the outside of your table.

Step 8: Glue Panels to Table

Using wood glue, glue the panels to the outside of the table. Clamping the boards will be your best option for keeping them in place.

Step 9: Torch the Stipes

Torch the stripes of the flag, make sure to not get too close to the wood or you'll burn it too much or yourself. Keep the flame 3-4 inches away from the wood. Use scarp wood to cover over the white strips to protect it from being torched.

Step 10: Torch the Table

Torch all the legs and panels around the table using a torch.

Step 11: Torch the Stars

Use any template found online and trace it onto a piece of wood or tin and torch your stars. I used a Carvey to trace out the stars onto a piece of wood, i recommend a piece of metal because my stars didn't come out as expected.

Step 12: Apply Urethane

Apply Urethane to the entire table for a glossy look and then you're finished.

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    5 weeks ago

    The torch gives it a great finished effect!