Torneando Un Trompo (turning a Top)


Introduction: Torneando Un Trompo (turning a Top)

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Hace dos o tres días decidí reflotar mi "torno del pobre", para lo cual hice algunos pequeños accesorios, según se detalla en el último paso de ese instructable, agregado hoy. Decidí hacer, entre otras cosas, un trompo como los que yo usaba en mi niñez, en tiempos del Virreinato del Río de la Plata.

Two or three days ago, I decided to revive my "poor man's lathe", for which I made some small accessories, as detailed in the last step of that instructable, added today. I decided to make, within other things, a top as those I used in my childhood, in times of Río de la Plata Viceroyalty.

Step 1: Limitaciones (limitations)

Dado que mi torno es un poco limitado en sus habilidades, y yo no estoy acostumbrado a usarlo, tardé más tiempo acomodando las partes que haciendo el trabajo. Pero la próxima vez, ya sé cómo debo armar todo. El eje de giro debe estar inclinado, de tal manera que usando solamente el desplazamiento longitudinal pueda ir haciendo el cuerpo cónico del trompo. Obviamente, entre pasada y pasada debo arrimar la amoladora al centro de giro. 

Since my lathe is a bit limited in their abilities, and I'm not habituated to using it, it took more time accommodating the parts than doing the work. But next time, I know how I should build everything. The rotation axis must be tilted, so that using only the longitudinal movement can be made the conical body of the top. Obviously, each pass I pull up the grinder to the center of rotation.

Step 2: Ahora, a Jugar (now, to Play)

La punta metálica sobre la cual gira el trompo no quedó perfectamente centrada, debido a que debí haber empezado por ahí y no por el cuerpo. Ya lo sé para la próxima vez. El defecto no invalida el trabajo, solo hace que el trompo salte un poco en vez de quedarse quieto en un lugar como debería.

The metal pin on which the spinrotates was not perfectly centered, because I should have started out there and not on the body. I know it for next time. The defect does not invalidate the work, only makes the top to jump a little, rather than stay in one place as it should.

Step 3: Advertencia (warning)

Ojo, si usted no sabe lanzar un trompo, no practique cerca de personas, o vidrios, o cosas frágiles, porque hasta que logre aprender es probable que cometa algunos estragos. Después no diga "yo no sabía", yo le avisé.

Beware! If you don't know how to throw a spin, do not practice near people, or glass, or fragile things, because until you learn is likely to make some havoc.Then do not say "I did not know," I warned you.



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    Hace años no veía un trompo! Creo q voy a hacer uno!!

    I love the lathe! No, I am not kidding!
    Looks like something I would try to put together.

    Very nice work... I like the color of the stain you chose. You should try a couple more out of Burled Elm, Walnut, and Purple Heart Cedar... (My fav woods!)

    1 reply

    Pienso lo mismo..esto de los concursos es muy bueno pues las ideas Fluyen como el agua...y a veces, solo a veces es divertido trabajar bajo presión...jejeje.

    Muchas gracias. No creo merecer ningun premio, pero un siempre tiene una esperancita... (Thank you very much. I do not think to deserve any awards, but one always has a little hope ...)

    Yes, it is a little dangerous. I work in it for the adrenaline!

    Fortunately I still have all fingers

    Thanks, Phil, you are very kind. But all my work lacks a good finish, that is carried in the blood. Tomorrow I will do another chuck and another tool holder, they are very needed.

    What do you think of my English? Am I learning? I don't pretend to write it as you, but I pretend it be understable and not too derisory.

    I think your English is better and better all of the time. Just remember, I am not able to write Spanish, nor to understand it. I have tried to learn to write and speak German and still make many mistakes. I am sympathetic to anyone working in a second language.

    Did you enter your top in the woodworking contest?

    German is for me a "cuckoo" (a monster), I don't understand it. No word!
    I note some progress in my English, but I still much to be able to dispense with Google Translator.

    Yes, I am a bit cheeky and entered it in the contest. It's free!

    Nice throwback to a classic toy. I love the finish to bring out the grain.
    Seems like spinning could be challenging, any tips?

    1 reply

    Indeed, to launch a spin of these requires some skill, and specially practicing. So my warning at the end of the instructable. It is very easy to take out an eye at someone or yourself if you do not know to do it.

    Maybe I wil do an instructable about this, although I can not consider myself an expert ("in the country of the blind, the one eyed man is king")


    For me, it is too much, being the first attempt. I clarified that my strength is not aesthetics, if you have not noticed ...