Torque Bar Spinner

Introduction: Torque Bar Spinner

In this indestructible i be showing you how to make a torque bar spinner

Step 1: First Pick a Design That You Like

There are mutable design you could pick their are tri spinner or the dual

spinner just google it and pick a a link to help you pick.

Step 2: Pick the Material You Will Be Using

You could use plastic, metal and wood or 3D print

Step 3: Cut

cut material to rough size you whant

Step 4: Drill

Drill 3 hole one for a bearing wheel and the other for weight or one in the center the hole should be slightly smaller than the bearing then file to snog.

Step 5: To Shape

Then grind (if steel) and file to the end shape

Step 6: Finsh

Add the bearing to the center hole and the weight to the outer holes

Sanded smooth and vanish

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    3 years ago

    Good simple design :)