Torque Big Bad Bow

Introduction: Torque Big Bad Bow

Being a fan of Gears of War on the xBox and seeing the Avengers Hawk-eye Nerf bow - I just had to make a torque bow out of it.

Again like most of my builds, because I don't have much space or equipment its a bit on the dodgy side and is no way near a real replica... plus I still wanted to use it as a Nerf Bow.

So starting with a a Avengers Hawk Eye / Big Bad Bow Lightly sand it down so paint and glue sticks a bit better.

After looking at some reference picture I fashioned the bottom blade and top cowl out of styrene - using a heat gun and a steel tube to shape the curve for the cowl. The cowl was attached with contact cement and the blade was attached with knead-it putty.

Tape up the loading spike so that you can still use it (paint will gum it all up) 

Then a light coat of silver, then several satin black, then dry brush on bright chrome to the edges and worn areas, give the blade the reverse treatment to dirty it up.

Job done - now I'll have to come up with  the Theron Guard costume and a way of modifying the arrows to be more GoW like.

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