Torque- Knex Ball Machine Instructions

My smallest ball machine to date. I wanted to use the idea " sometimes less is more" and it worked out just fine for this mini ball machine. Someone also mentioned "desktop ball machine" and inspired me to make this nice and small. This instructable is also piece - friendly for those that lack pieces for some of my other ball machines. Enjoy. I have an element on the bottom in the ball return hole called the Turn-Table, a large yellow gear that the balls get trapped in and get carried back to the lift.

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Step 1: Piece Count


Gray: 15
Red: 42
yellow: 110
Blue: 200
White: 250
Green: 261


White: 45
Blue 3d: 73
Yellow: 101
Green: 35
Purple 3d: 154
Orange: 37
Red: 66
Light- Gray: 7
Dark- Gray: 96


Large yellow gear: 4
Red  gear: 1
Small blue gear: 3
Motor: 1
Small tire with tread: 2
Purple flexi: 1
Orange flexi: 13
Tan- lock: 20
Blue clip: 4
Y- clip: 23
Blue spacer: 56
Silver spacer: 84
Orange track connector: 1
Orange track splicer: 1


Step 2: Base

A small step for a small base.

Step 3: Gears, Turn-Table Ball Return and Motor

A long step but a fun one. Build carefully.

Step 4: Lift and Main Support

Same lift as Phoenix. I find the classic spiral lift to be very convenient in piece count and space reduction. 

Step 5: Path 1

I used an element from phoenix ( phoenixes are reborn aren't they?) 

Step 6: Path 2

The teamwork path.

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    10 Discussions

    I know! :-D I don't know how you've been able to create so many in so short a've posted another one overnight after this one! Are you just documenting a bunch of ball machines you've already built, or am I to be wowed by your super-speediness? ;-)

    This may surprise you but this ball machine only took me eight hours to create. Funny thing is when my Dad watches Law And Order in the living room,the same place I build it puts me into a building trance.