Torque Converter Clock

Introduction: Torque Converter Clock

Made clock from unnecessary torque converter.

Step 1: You Need to Find and Cut Torque Converter

I repaired my automatic transmission and bought a broken Gearbox 4f27e for ~ $50 and torque converter was odd to me. But you can find it defective in service station for $ 10-20 (at least in Russia). I opened it using a circular saw. Of one thing, there are two bases for clocks. I laundered it from oil dishwashing soap.

Step 2: Disassembly Ordinary Clocks

I bought a very simple wall clock for $3 and pulled out their gear and hour hand.

Step 3: Assembly

It's very simple. I'm stuck in the center of the disc mechanism of thermal glue and set hour hand on the other side. –°lock hands had to bend a little, as it is not placed in an irregular shape clock face.

Step 4: Fix on Wall

I tied to the clock wire to hang on the wall. That's all. Possibly need to paint clockwise to contrast. Sorry for my English, I studied it in Hollywood movies.

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Very unique! I really like the way it looks. Nice work!