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Introduction: Tortellini Soup

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Tortellini soup, or broth is a simple dish. Perfect lazy winter meal, there are cream based variants, but this is the KISS version.

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Step 1: Ingredients:

There are really only 5 as it really is that simple

  1. Tortellini either homemade or one small package
  2. Beef Broth 24oz (can be made from bullion cubes)
  3. Olive oil
  4. Green onions, chopped but save some of the tops for the last step
  5. Cheese - Parmesan, Romano, Pecorino, or your favorite to grate

Step 2: Boil Tortellini

boil water then add tortellini and olive oil. You know the tortellini is done when they all float. A taste test should be done but not as far as falling apart.

Step 3: Boil Broth

Bring the beef broth and the green onions to a boil. Stir occasionally but it is hard to mess this up unless you leave it way too long. Onions will get soft and it will smell wonderful.

Step 4: Add Tortellini to Broth

Use a slotted spoon or colander to drain the tortellini and add them to the boiling broth. Heat this to just below a second boil. It is a small step but helps infuse flavor.

Step 5: Garnish and Options

Ladle enough to fill a bowl. Add remaining green onion and cheese to top, and your done...

Now for variations what to try,

  • Meat: such as Italian sausage or chicken can be added like other soup recipes.
  • Vegetables: celery or carrots add flavor
  • boil the tortellini and add bullion cubes to create the broth, I have done this on many backpackers

Otherwise just enjoy a simple hearty meal

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    3 years ago

    Nice. I can't wait to try this.