Tortoise Habitat.



Introduction: Tortoise Habitat.

 I built my tortoise habitat out of a display case from the local mall. Aquarium's are extremely bad for tortouises that is why i built my own habitat. 1st take out all the glass. If you look carefuly there are screw holding the top rails in place there should only be one screw on each corner. 2nd Do not break the glass the glass will be for your templete. As you see your screws should be in the top.

Materials list
 1 11 gallon feed bin from Tractor supply
1 1/4 inch by 4 foot by 8 foot plywood
2 1inch by 2 inch by 8 foot pine poard.
one box of 2 inch drywall screws.
alumminum window screen
1 pond liner i used a 5 foot by 10 foot liner

Step 1:

3rd step is get a 4 foot by 8 foot 1/4 inch thick plywood and take your pieces of glass and you use them as templete's.  i made  windows in the front and sides for better ventilation. the windows are 7 inch's high and 2 inch's from the top with 2 inch border on the sides and screened them in with aluminum window screen. I then cut out a spot for a removable bin for the tort to use as a digging place and easier to clean. i got my bin at tractor supply for around 13.00.

Step 2: Almost Finished

after i put in the panels which should slide in to the track might take some love taps to get them to fit in the corners but they will go. i added 1" by 2" by how long the tank was on the front and back for support. I then sealed the plywood with Tompsons wood sealer just one coat. After drying for three days i installed a pond liner easy to clean and helps keep the substrate just warm enough. Well thanks for visiting my instructable if need any more information please email me at and ill answer any questions.

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