Tortoise Table




this is my finished product of my tortoise table

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Step 1: Base

you need to have a base whatever dimensions you want i had to use two smaller bards because there was not one the size i wanted the dimensions are 32in by 24in then your going to want to add 2x4 on the bottom so you can nail your walls on i had to use a bigger pice of wood in the middle because there two smaller ones

Step 2: Wallls

there are four parts two smaller walls/front and back that are 24in by 8in and two bigger ones/sides that are 32in by 8in

Step 3: Securing Walls

the next step is to make your walls secure i used little blocks

Step 4: The Structure

next step is to make the turtle hide you need to add one block in the middle of the bottom floor then add to smaller 2x4 on the top floor and then add your roof the dimensions depend on your tortoise the florr and roof are 24in by 8in

Step 5: Your Ramp

next is the ramp the first you need to secure it i used the little block again and then a little pice in the bottom of the ramp to stop it from slipping the dimensions are ramp is 13.5in by 5.5in and the little pice in the bottom is 5.5in by 1.5in

Step 6: Lamp Holder

the last pice is the lamp holder it is 24in tall 3.5in wide and the part that holds the ramp is 11in long and you can make it however you want all you need to do is cut a notch in it to hold the lamp and attache the hole thing where you want

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    3 years ago

    This looks great! I'm sure that your turtle will be very happy!