"Tortured Souls" Created in Autodesk Sketchbook



Introduction: "Tortured Souls" Created in Autodesk Sketchbook

There are many creatures roaming this Halloween, but what about the "Tortured Souls"?

This is design that I created in Autodesk Sketchbook. It is fairly simple to follow, and the finished product is as unique as it is artistic.

I hope that you find this instructable fun and interesting. Happy Halloween and remember to vote!

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Step 1: Add Base Image

First I started out by adding my base image by going to  File > Add Image. I chose a skull that I found online.

Step 2: Just a Softie..

Next I equipped my Soft Eraser from the Brush Toolbox.

Step 3: Sizing Up..

Then open the Brush Properties dialog by clicking the square icon with sliders on it in the top of the Brushes Toolbox. I set the size of the eraser to 5.0 and the amount to 50%.

Step 4: Empty Stare..

Then I carefully erase all of the center area in the eye sockets of the skull and the nasal passages of the nose.

Step 5: Prepped and Locked..

This is now our prepped base layer so I now duplicate the layer by clicking on the layer and selecting Duplicate Layer from the pop up wheel.

Then I lock the layer to prevent any unintended modifications to it.

Step 6: Black Is Black..

Change the background to black with the Paint Bucket and select the Airbrush tool.

Then Airbrush Properties.

Set the Airbrush size to between 18 and 20 and the flow to around 55%. Make sure that the color is set to  Black. You can access the Color Toolbox by clicking the small circle in the bottom left inside the Lagoon.

Step 7: Paint Your Brain Bucket..

Then I carefully airbrush around the perimeter of the skull. Don't worry if you get a little overspray on the skull itself.

Step 8: Dark Circles..

Next, I select a nice dark shade of red (118,19,19) and in the Airbrush Properties, I set the flow to 35%.

Then I dot in the eyes with a slow circular motion.

Step 9: Copy, Copy, Copy, Copy..

Then I left click on the current layer and select Duplicate Layer (4 times).

Step 10: Smear the Skull..

Next, select the Smear tool and set its' properties to Size 40.5 and Amount 50%.

I begin smearing the area of the skull around the mouth. Use gentle circular motions until the mouth region is to your liking.

Step 11: Rinse and Repeat..

Do the same with the top of the skull and the cheek areas.

Repeat for each layer.

Step 12: In My Crosshairs..

After getting the existing skulls to my liking, I go back to the original base image (On the layer that I locked) and duplicate it again.

Then rotate it by selecting the Four Point Arrow crosshairs from the Toolbar and clicking on the skull  and highlight Rotate.

Step 13: Movin' on Up..

Duplicate the base image layer again, and move it to your desired location; then rotate it as well.

Step 14: Smear It On..

Again, select the Smear tool and smear the areas around the mouth, forehead, and cheeks like before.

Step 15: Move It!

And perform some fine-tuned relocating of some layers.

Step 16: Air and Flow..

Select the Airbrush tool and then select the Elipse from the Toolbar. I set my color to a slightly different shade of red than before (95,16,16). I also set the Airbrush Properties to about 150 for the size and set the flow at 20%.

Step 17: Your Own Tortured Souls!

Lastly I create circles in the areas between the skulls, which gives a nice random fill design between them, accenting the "Tortured Souls"

That's It! I hope that you enjoyed this instructable, and the finished product. Make sure to save your work (I speak from experience ;)

Happy Halloween!

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