Toss It! Contest Entry: Wierd Gliding Spaceship

This is a cool paper airplane that just slowly glides to the ground once thrown.

Step 1: Materials

all you need for this is a piece of paper.

Step 2: Fist Fold.

for the first fold, just grab the right corner and fold it to the side and then unfold. Easy, eh?

Step 3: Second Fold

repeat step 2 on the other side so you get an "X" on your paper

Step 4: Third and Fourth Fold

flip the paper over and fold in half. unfold. then flip it over again. press the center of the creased X until the sides "pop" up and fold the top down to make a triangle. use the pictures as a guide.

Step 5: Fifth and Sixth Fold

grab the top layer of the triangle and fold it to the top. repeat with other side

Step 6: Seventh and Eigth Fold

next, grab the edge of one of the triangles and fold into the center. repeat with other side. then, fold the top down (all layers)

Step 7: Hard Part

next, hold down the tip, pull out the left flap, and "tuck" it into the tip. flatten.

Step 8: Wings

to make the wings, fold the sides to the center like in the picture. then fold the parts touching back to the outside. adjust to look like the last picture.

Step 9: Throwing

to throw, hold the back (the side without the triangle) with a full hand (first pic) pull back, and let go (second pic). it might take some practice, but it is well worth it.

Step 10: Video

here's a video of it in action (it can really go much better)



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    nice great success! and gorillazmiko Y are you at the instructables i always look at?????????