Toss It! Speed Contest Entry by Syvarris: the Longrange Glider

Introduction: Toss It! Speed Contest Entry by Syvarris: the Longrange Glider

this is my entry for the Toss It! Speed Contest
it's a design for a glider that will amaze you cause when built correctly it can actually fly over a distance of 30 feet easily.

the pictures below show a front view and a back view of the finished glider.

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Step 1: Materials

grab your materials:

1 A4 sized paper ( preferably a blank print paper, those are good)
1 pen
1 ruler of 30 cm ( 1 feet )

OK, got those, let's start folding

Step 2: The Beginning of the Folding

I can't really tell you how to do it so I'll let the pictures talk for themself

pic 1: take your paper
pic 2: fold the long end in 2 so you get 2 rectangular sides who are identical to eachother
pic 3: fold a triaglurar from the top to the middle line so you get what's on the pic
pic 4: now do it again but from the other side
pic 5: now fold that triangle you get at the top of your paper in towards the other side of the paper over those folds

Step 3: The End of the Folding

this step features the end of the folding
just a warning you might have to use math in this step
again can't really tell what you have to do so just follow the pictures

pic 1: fold those 2 triangles again and make sure that the tips meat eachother at the tip of the big triangle
pic 2: now close the middle fold and you should get something like this
pic 3: now for the math: the lines should be at 1/5th of the end so mine is 10,5 cm so 1/5th of 10,5 is 2,1 cm
pic 4: now fold at those lines so you get something like this
pic 5: do it again on the other side so you get the end product

Step 4: Final Step: the Finetuning

as for one reason I can't seem to add those little yellow blocks on my pictures so I'll have to write it here

on pic 1 if you see those gaps across your plane you'll need to mess a little with the outer wings so those gaps are gone cause those make your plane crash instead of gliding.

also on pic 1 if at the end your wing are like this --_ you'll again need to mess a little with it otherwise the plane will not stop spinning

on pic 2 u see that at the end of the plane u have a kind of u form you'll have to check those gaps at the middle of the plane and again mess a little with those to make the wings go completly straight

Step 5: The Video

the video if shot in my room it is approx 8m long so you'll know how far it flies.
it only shows 3 flights but i'll shoot some more later.

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    5 Discussions


    12 years ago on Introduction

    That's pretty cool! I like your room. But nice job, it looks like a really good glider, definitely want to make this and throw it off my roof. Great job!


    Reply 12 years ago on Introduction

    By the way, in the video, you had to print out the Toss It! paper thing.


    Reply 12 years ago on Introduction

    ah ok i'll but that on my next video


    12 years ago on Introduction

    It has very consistent wall smashing abilities. Can it fly any different direction, like right? Other than that, nice simple design, +1