Toss It!: the Instructables Robot Paper Airplane; Classic.


Introduction: Toss It!: the Instructables Robot Paper Airplane; Classic.

Ahh.... the paper airplane. Did you know, paper airplanes have a long history? Paper airplanes are very old, and they were made for many generations, done by many of our ancestors. They stretch back as far as 600 B.C., done by cavemen. Yes, they used leaves, and they got big ones to stretch to paper size, and they would make these classic paper airplanes to fly to places such as Los Angeles, Hollywood, even New York, just to see the Statue of Liberty. But now, I have took things up a notch. Here is an Instructable on how I let the Instructables Robot go for a ride on a plane. Have fun Instructables Robot, be sure to write and/ or send pictures!

P.S. I am not responsible for you getting punched in the face by somebody at school telling them that cavemen made paper airplanes, getting papercuts (and dying because of loss of blood), or getting poked in the eye, or burning yourself SOMEHOW, or getting attacked by a dinosaur.

Thanks to Firebert010 for the airplane design, same with T-Man for the same design posted a few days earlier. I already knew how to make this airplane, but I have to give credit because you guys did post the model before me.

Thanks to both of you!

Have fun flying your airplanes!

Step 1: Print Out the Image.

If you want to let the Instructables Robot go for a ride (on a plane), you have to print this image out.

Just click the "i" in the top left corner of the image, and then bring it to full size, and print it out full size.

Once you do that, move on, you're one step closer to victory!!!!

Step 2: Flipping.

Once you have your image printed out, flip it over so the Instructables Robot is facing down.

Then you are now wanted for attempted suffocating people. That might not make sense, but oh well.

Then, fold it in half, crease it, and unfold it.

Then, you can move on.

Step 3: Arrow Folds.

Here is where you do the first two arrow folds. Fold the two edges WITHOUT THE ROBOT ON IT up towards the center crease. Look at the images for help.

Then you can move on.

Step 4: Double Arrow Folding.

Here's the second arrow folding.

Get the two sides (without Robot), and fold them up to the crease again. The images could help a lot.

Then, flip it over when you finish that.

Then move on.

Step 5: The Last of the Folding.

Here's the last folding you will have to do.

Fold it in half. Not that way! Look at the pictures.

Once you do that, fold the wings down, so they're parallel. Good, good. Then, fold the other one, so they're both parallel. Did I just repeat? Oh well. Repeating is good...

Well once you do that, guess what? Congratulations, you're done! Have fun flying your Instructables Robot paper airplanes! :D


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    it didn't fly very far, and it just flies back to you like a boomerang.

    This was very easy instructions so thank you for this because all the other posts make no sence.

    Hi, can I use your model as a reference in my Instructable?

    I would recommend saving the Robot images on a Word document and uploading it here. In some cases, such as with my computer setup, it's much easier to print off a Word document than an image.

    I have my own computer, but to print, I have to email it to myself or save it to a flash drive, then take it upstairs to my mom's laptop, then muck my way through Vista crap to pull up the file, then I get to print.

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    MY computer is running XP SP2, and I have no intention of changing it. When it becomes obsolete, I'll reformat the HDD and install Ubuntu, making a much faster machine than the then-standard Windows Vista: Reloaded computers. Mom's is the only computer that runs Vista. I have a Lenovo running XP, and my dad and sister have an iMac and a MacBook, respectively, both running OS X Tiger.

    your moms computer has caught the deadly and largely incurable vista virus?. im sorry to hear that. i suggest alternative remedies, like exorcism.

    that does not work. once you catch vista virus, your soul is the possesion of microsoft. only exorcisme can save you.

    Linus Torvalds would be proud of you. I forgot about its awesomeness when my lappy died.

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    I like Firefox but Safari is sooo much faster for me... But I do use Firefox on my PC because it is hugely better than IE

    Naw, I know hundreds of apple users who prefer firefox or opera above safari. Steve is probably included in that demographic.
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