Totally Free Upcycling Item So Don't Throw Yours Away

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Or find one someone else threw away.

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Step 1:

Start here

Step 2:

Find one of these.

Step 3:

Not one of these. The previous is much more sturdier.

Step 4:

Go to one of these.

Step 5:

Find some of these in your favorite colors.

Step 6:

Do some of this.

Step 7:

And finish having one of these. They make the perfect portable work tables, light saw horse, etc. They adjust to literally all heights. It is easy enough to lay a small piece of cardboard or plywood over the cover the grates. If you are lucky enough to find one with a decent cover yet, it makes a fine, none scratch surface to work off of. It's all been done before. Just trying to do my part to save our landfills from filling up. Thanks for looking.



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