Introduction: Totebag

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materials needed
pack of cigarettes or the like (which is the same width) here takes about 5 pack


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Step 1: Cut Cigarette Packs

piece pack of cigarettes with the same width into four parts

make sure when arranged four pieces equal to the width of cigarette packs

Step 2: Woven

woven as in the picture

make sure that in all the vertices like in the first webbing

Step 3: Corner

to every corner of the triangle

Step 4: Continue Weaving Until the Desired Large

Step 5: Trim the Top

buckling parts necessary parts

or can be smoothed using a stapler

Step 6: Done

attach the strap

You can put this mini tote hanging in the drawer or other place to put the hp glasses or keys and others

you can create a version which is great for carrying a laptop or books and magazines

for not damp or wet bag is strong enough

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