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Arduino Project under development ....

This is an Integrated circuit tester for AND, OR, NOT, BUFFER, NOR, XNOR gates.

Step 1: Assembling Hardware

First we need an Arduino MEGA, an TFT shield for MEGA and a 5" TFT touch screen.

Step 2: Wiring

All input and output signals must be sent to GND starting on IC Pin1 to Pin6, then from Pin8 to Pin13.

Step 3: The Sketch

This skecth is completly basic in sequence to select GATE we want to work with. Is an SWITCH CASE mainly.

Remember that this project is in progress and some GATES are still missing to be operational. That´s why, by now only to be working AND , OR , NOT and NAND testing GATES.

I hope viewers by asking for your kind collaboration to complete this sketch and even to improve it. Thanks.

Step 4: Files

Images for SD card.


Arduino SKETCH + Font Text



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    Suraj Grewal

    4 months ago

    Nice graphics! At first, I thought it's some cardboard contraption inside of which is leds and oled (with marker stains to color it.