Touch ON - Touch OFF Circuit + Touch Toggle Circuit

This is a circuit which can be controlled by a Touch. Two input Touch pin pairs controls the circuit output – one pair turns the circuit ON, while the other turns it OFF.

The circuit can also be extended to toggle between two outputs, where the two touch pin pairs controls the two respective outputs.

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Step 1: Components Required

These are the Components Required for making the Touch ON –Touch OFF circuit:

  • 555 Timer IC
  • Resistor: 330 Ω
  • LED
  • Touch Pins (4)

Other Requirements :

  • Battery: 9V and battery clip
  • Breadboard
  • Breadboard Connectors

Step 2: Circuit Diagram

These are the Circuit Diagrams for:

  • Touch ON – Touch OFF Circuit
  • Touch Toggle Circuit

Step 3: Step-by-Step Tutorial

This video shows step-by-step, how to build these two circuits.

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