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The Mickey Mouse project is with an objective to interact with the user. When the palm (conductive material applied on it) of Plastic Molded object - Mickey Mouse is touched by the user Mickey Mouse will speak making a feel of interaction with human being. This project has used SD card to store a set of identified sound files that can be selected to bring change in speeches from time to time to make the interactive interaction. This project has its utility educational institute to guide young students as interactive edutainment device.

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Step 1: Materials Required

Plastic Toy

Arduino Uno R-3

Bare Conductive Paint.

1+ Megaohm resistor.

Arduino SD Card Shield with SD card(2gb)

Wire for connections

Four Switches

Clear tape (optional)

Step 2: Idea Behind This

The project is targeted is to play selected voice samples from plastic molded object. The undertaken project is designed to activate voice when the user (Child in this project) touches the palm of Mickey Mouse. The objective is to shake hand and receive “Response” giving feel of a live object.

Step 3: Prepare SD Card

1. Format SD card and make sure the setting as attached picture.

2- Convert your music to .WAV files and make sure the below: -Samples Per second (Hz):16000 -Channel: Mono - Bits Per Sample: 8 I use Wav Sample rate converter software. 3- Copy wav file in SD Card Step 3: Putting it together

Step 4: Circuit

Connect circuit as shown in figure. Now Apply Bare conductive color on the plastic material of toy. In this project we have applied on right palm of Mickey Mouse. Connect thin wire with conductive paint applied area to arduino Uno Pin 8 as show in circuit. Add "tmrpcm" library to Arduino IDE.

Step 5: Source Code

Download source code Touch & Play

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    i like that project b'coz I wish there were so more pictures to go with the neat project though.


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