Touch Switch+Water Level Indicator (2 in 1)

Introduction: Touch Switch+Water Level Indicator (2 in 1)

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First you'll need these components for the project. Which are :

1. LED


3.BC 547 BJT-2 pieces


5. 9V battery


7.470 ohm Register-2 piece

8.220 ohm register-2 piece

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Step 1: Circuit Diagrams

In the first picture I've shown you the BC547 BJT's pin configuration . And in the 2nd picture diagram is for Water Level indicator . There will be another pin from battery's positive terminal . If you don't understand click here to ask me on facebook .

Step 2: Circuit Diagram and All the Stuffs

Just follow the instruction of that video . It'll be very easy for you to get this project done .

Thank you all for read this instructable. :)

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